• Solid construction
  • Sturdy docking hinge
  • Light and slim
  • Long battery life
  • Microsoft Office 2013 included
  • Runs cool and silent
  • Good value


  • Small keyboard
  • Lackluster display
  • Poor 3D performance

Acer has a blended history in the cross breed PC market. The organization’s initial endeavors, similar to the Aspire R7 convertible and the Iconia W700, offered fast processors and alluring showcases at reasonable costs. Later passages like the TravelMate X313, in any case, have ruined that equation by raising the cost without giving an identical increment in force. Acer’s cross breeds, similar to such a large number of other adaptable PCs available today, are regularly valued well outside what the normal shopper needs to pay.

The new Acer Aspire Switch 10, in any case, resembles an arrival to shape. This dockable tablet gives a 10-inch IPS touchscreen, a quad-center processor, and 2GB of RAM for just $379.99. Our audit unit, which is redesigned with 64GB of inner stockpiling, retails at a still-moderate $429.99.

Every one of this sounds extraordinary, however there’s explanation behind concern. The quad-center is a Bay Trail Atom CPU, not an Intel Core, which implies execution could be an issue. The showcase is a trade off as well, with Acer highlighting a 1366768 determination screen, apparently to hold costs down. How about we check whether the Acer Switch 10 is a deal ? or just shoddy.

A strong little slab

Acer’s most recent is unremarkable at first look, as its basic silver configuration is just a scaling down of different Windows tablets the organization has created previously. Little decorates the Switch 10 beside a little chrome Acer logo, and a lustrous dark showcase bezel that appears differently in relation to whatever is left of the suspension.

Plastic is the essential material found on the Switch 10, however the framework’s little size and tight development keeps it from bringing on any issues. There’s sufficiently not equipment here to undermine the quality of the body. The Switch 10 motivates certainty when taken care of, and flex is hard to discover regardless of the possibility that you go searching for it.

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The pivot holding the tablet to the console dock is strong, yet it doesn’t utilize a hook. Solid magnets are utilized rather, and are more than up to the assignment.

We held the Switch 10 topsy turvy and shook it like a Polaroid picture without any result. Accidentally catapulting the tablet onto the floor is not incomprehensible, but rather requires a snappy, consider downwards swing that is unrealistic to happen unintentionally.

On the drawback however, deliberately expelling the tablet is similarly troublesome. You should hold the console solidly with one hand while pulling the tablet with the other. Apathetic endeavors will just make passers-by miracle why you’re attempting to tear your portable workstation into equal parts.

The Switch 10 offers two USB ports. A standard 2.0 port hangs out on the dock’s correct flank, and is combined with a small USB 2.0 port on the tablet’s correct side. The tablet likewise gives scaled down HDMI, a MicroSD card peruser and a combo earphone/amplifier jack. Remote bolster comes through a 802.11n Wi-Fi connector and Bluetooth 4.0.

One size does not fit all

As the name infers, the Switch 10 has a 10-inch show, the same the same number of netbooks. This implies the writing knowledge is best portrayed as confined and may, truth be told, gotten to be difficult for those with expansive hands.

Acer makes incredible utilization of the space that is accessible and has dealt with a strong design that scales down essential keys as meager as could be expected under the circumstances. In any case, that doesn’t change the way that there’s sufficiently not room. Backdrop illumination is occupied too on account of the framework’s meager profile and low cost.

The touchpad, which measures around four creeps wide and a smidgen more than two crawls profound, charges superior to the console. Truth be told, it’s practically as huge as touchpads found on 13-inch frameworks. Multi-touch signals are a breeze to utilize; you may not feel the need to touch the screen regardless of the certainty it’s lone a couple of additional inches away.

The Switch 10’s extensive size conveys its own particular trade off, notwithstanding, on the grounds that it constrains the client’s hands to the furthest points of the portable PC. There’s about no useable palmrest on the left half of the console, and covering the touchpad with your palm can bring about coincidental initiation.

The extent to which this will baffle you relies on upon the span of your hands. Clients with dainty gloves wouldn’t fret, yet those with hefty measured paws will never discover solace.

Our tests found that the showcase can render just 67 percent of the sRGB range, the most noticeably awful result we’ve seen since we checked on the Acer Aspire E1 note pad. We likewise recorded a humble 480:1 difference proportion, and poor dark levels also. Luminance turned out to be the main saving grace, as we recorded a greatest yield of 320 lux.


Such results don’t contrast well with the Dell Venue 11 Pro, which renders 99 percent of sRGB, and offers a complexity proportion of 720:1. Indeed, even the Lenovo Yoga 2 11-inch, which didn’t inspire us by and large, can show 70 percent of the extent while achieving a difference proportion of 650:1. In reasonableness to the Switch 10 however, these options cost $50-$100 progressively when equally prepared.

These deficiencies aside, the Switch 10 manages to give an acceptable media experience. Pictures and video need punch, however shading precision is sensibly great, and the splendid backdrop illumination overcomes reflections brought on by the gleaming board. We were additionally astonished to observe the speakers to be solid at most extreme volume. You can’t utilize the Switch 10 as a blast box, yet you can appreciate motion pictures or podcasts from over a room.

Atom makes a stride forward

Our audit unit touched base with the Intel Atom Z3745, a quad-center processor with a base clock of 1.33 GHz and a Turbo Boost most extreme clock of 1.86 GHz. This is a mid-level incarnation of the new BayTrail design, however it figures out how to give respectable execution in SiSoft Sandra’s Processor Arithmetic benchmark.

ac7The Switch 10 scores just about and additionally the TravelMate X313 in this test, which is amazing in light of the fact that the X313 was checked on with a Core i5-3229Y processor. Then again, that X313’s Core i5 was a double center, so the Switch 10’s score speaks to better per-center execution. The Dell XPS 13, in any case, effectively overcomes every one of the options, which exhibits that Atom is still a long ways behind the Core i5-4200U double center processor, which is found in most mid-reach scratch pad and Ultrabooks.

We likewise tried processor execution with 7-Zip, a document pressure benchmark that is intensely multi-strung. In this test, the Switch 10 achieved a score of 4,754 MIPS, which is superior to the X313’s consequence of 4,167, however behind the Dell Venue 11 Pro’s score of 5,749. The Dell XPS 13 keeps up strength with its score of 7,079.

The Switch’s hard drive, similar to its processor, performs enough yet not uncommonly, achieving a score of 3,792. This outcome is low for a framework with strong state stockpiling, however not startling, as the Dell Venue Pro 11 scored 4,277 (around 700 not exactly the Dell XPS 13). Regardless, this score beats the heck out of the Lenovo Yoga 2 11-inch, which has a mechanical drive, and subsequently scored just 1,965.

One for the road

Stuffing the Switch 10 into a sack is simple on account of its little screen and thin profile, which measures 20.2 millimeters with the console appended, and 8.9 millimeters without. That is just a millimeter and a half thicker than an iPad Air. The tablet measures a simple three-tenths of a pound more than Apple’s tablet too, however adding the console builds weight to over two pounds.

The Peacekeeper Web scanning benchmark tore through a full charge in 6 hours and 11 minutes. While this outcome doesn’t beat numerous Ultrabooks, it is a strong score that for all intents and purposes ties the Dell Venue 11 Pro (which endured 6 hours 16 minutes) and effectively overcomes the Lenovo Yoga 2 11-inch (which achieved 5 hours and 18 minutes).

These outcomes are somewhat shocking a result of the Acer’s little battery, yet low power draw capitalizes on what’s accessible. Our watt-meter measured eight watts of force draw out of gear with the presentation at most extreme, a number that expanded to only 14 watts at full load. These figures are around a watt less no matter how you look at it contrasted with Lenovo’s Yoga 2 11-inch, and a great deal not exactly the Acer TravelMate X313, which drew a most extreme of 27 watts.

Stone cold

Iota’s humble force attract means unassuming warmth yield. The framework’s most extreme outside temperature never surpassed 81.2 degrees Fahrenheit out of gear, and this didn’t change when we tossed the framework into the 7-Zip benchmark. Focusing on the GPU with FurMark, be that as it may, raised temperatures as high as 93 degrees.

That is warm, however it’s cooler than the Yoga 2 11-inch (which achieved 96.9 degrees) and the Acer TravelMate X313 (which hit 95.3 degrees). The Dell Venue Pro 11 performs indistinguishably, achieving a greatest of 92 .

The Switch 10, as other Atom half and halves, is fanless. It doesn’t make a sound paying little respect to the heap put on it. Any individual who cherishes quiet will likewise adore the Switch.

Packed with extras

In spite of the fact that economical, Acer has pressed the Switch 10 to the gills with additional product. Purchasers get a duplicate of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 and access to AcerCloud, the organization’s restrictive sync administration. Applications for Netflix, Evernote, Hulu and StumbleUpon are introduced naturally, also.

One thing you won’t discover, thankfully, is an irritating against infection trial. No such application ships with the Acer, leaving the client to pick whatever is fancied without being irritated.


In a late feedback of half and half PCs, we called attention to a few variables that are keeping them down, including an absence of perfect presentation size, so-so execution, and Windows itself. Acer’s Aspire Switch 10 does not address any of these issues and, subsequently, it’s somewhat defective from the begin.

However, Acer has done whatever conceivable to make the best of the circumstance, and the outcome is a shockingly amiable item. No, its tablet is not as charming as an iPad, and numerous individuals will experience issues utilizing it as their lone PC, however the Switch 10’s low cost, satisfactory execution, light weight, and long battery life hits a sweet spot.

The Switch’s $379 cost is imperative in this section level business sector, since it’s one of the main choices with a genuine passage level MSRP. Dell’s Venue 11 Pro begins at $429 with a thin 32GB hard drive, the Lenovo Yoga 2 11-inch offers for no under $499, and Core-controlled options are generally $800 and up. Acer’s lone rival is the Asus Transformer Book T100, a framework that begins at $369 with 64GB of capacity.

Asus has yet to effortlessness us with a T100 audit unit, so we can’t completely say if the Switch 10 is better or more awful. What we can say, however, is that the Switch 10 is the best Atom-fueled PC we’ve audited this year, and gives awesome quality. Simply ensure you comprehend what you’re getting into, as little frameworks like the Switch 10 can baffle clients expecting a full note pad experience from a small PC like this.

Design execution is the delicate underbelly of each Atom framework. The processor’s Intel HD design keep running at a much lower clock speed, and components less register units than an Intel HD 4600 GPU. These issues mean a 3DMark Cloud Gate score of just 1,285.