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New Year, New You, No Stress!

I know what you’re thinking; implementing New Year’s resolutions are so exhausting! How do you reinvent yourself without struggling impossibly in the process? Here are three simple little steps you can take to unveil a calmer, more confident, newer you.
Plan Ahead
All of us have experienced moments when we were running behind, which then caused us […]

Top 15 Changing Bags

Hey ladies,

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time is what changing bag do I have OR what changing bag do I suggest? So I have been meaning to get around to this blog post for AGES now… But being a full time stay at home mum AND trying to run the blog […]

Baby Weaning: My Top Tips

Hey all,

Every time I show anything to do with weaning or when I share what I am feeding Anabelle Ivy on Snapchat I seem to get a crazy amount of screenshots and so many questions, so for ages now I have been meaning to get around to writing a quick blog post on our weaning […]

Beauty: The Perfect Brows

The quest to achieve the perfect brows is not an easy one! It takes time and patience and a little professional help ? So I am absolutely delighted to have pro make up artist and brow expert Aimee O Farrell from The Beauty Game join us as our latest guest blogger.

I’ve been a tad lazy when […]

Makeup Looks To Try During The Holidays

Getting your parents’ approval is always hard, especially when it comes to makeup. If you sport a colored lip, they usually make some comment like, “Where are you going? It’s only 2 pm, not a black tie affair.” If you decide to go au naturel, they ask if you are feeling okay.

While it seems like you […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We all love our Moms!  And of course Moms love flowers!  So on this Mother’s Day you can give her these wonderful flower Dots that will never fade and a pretty ring, necklace or bracelet to snap them into.  But what about that even stronger love of a mother for her children?  Or a grandmother […]

Summer Scent

There is nothing more tricky than choosing the perfect summer scent. So we have selected some seriously tempting fragrances to put on your wish list for the duty free. Why not treat yourself to that fresh spritz on the way home from your sunny trip abroad. You know you want to!.

Victorias Secret ‘Bombshell’ €70.00Chloe Eau De Parfúm […]

Check Out These Looks To Copy

This month is all about celebrating—and we’re not just talking about the holidays. The end of the semester is near, so you can say “so long” to 8 a.m. lectures and that super boring professor for a few weeks. Winter break means traveling (or, at minimum, a few weeks of home cooked meals). We’re even excited about […]

My new hair from Gold Fever

I have been feeling like a needed a change lately, it’s most likely a new mammy thing and feeling like I wanted to reinvent myself a little! Anyone else feel like that? I also went a little lighter, it’s hard to see properly here but there is loads of blonde underneath.

The funny thing is, before […]

Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Colour

We at The Style Fairy are all about enhancing your natural beauty and wearing what suits your own style and shape. When it comes to beauty products the principles are the same.

Finding a shade of eyeshadow that best compliments your eye colour can be something that we might sometimes overlook. However, if you chose a […]