Samsung? LG? Sony? Nope, the best Android tablet ever made comes from Dell



  • Best Android tablet
  • Gorgeous, metal design
  • Amazing, depth-sensing cameras
  • High-end specs


  • No Lollipop
  • Depth effects take time to process

When you consider top of the line tablets, your brain most likely bounced to the iPad first. Most Android tablets?target the low end, with nonexclusive, plastic-supported slates for $100 to $200. Those longing for an intense Android with a premium outline were left with shockingly couple of choices ? up to this point.

Dell’s alluring Venue 8 7000 arrangement tablet everything except matches the force of the Nexus 9, with the sharp looks of an iPad Mini. The new Venue additionally showcases Intel’s RealSense profundity measuring camera programming and a zippy Atom processor. The finished result is a gadget that can without much of a stretch make a case for the title of best Android tablet ? and even difficulties the iPad Mini.

It’s the most delightful Android tablet you’ll ever hold

Commonly, Android tablets look as shoddy as they feel, however that is certainly not the situation with the Dell Venue 8 7840. It’s hands-down the most wonderful Android tablet I’ve ever held. At first look, it looks and feels like a Space Gray iPad Mini, in light of its machined aluminum body, svelte profile, and lovely screen. At that point you see its unfathomably thin bezels, the speaker flame broil, and a huge camera in the base left corner. That is the point at which you know you’re taking a gander at something other than what’s expected.

The Venue 8 7840 measures only 6 millimeters dainty, making it the most slender tablet around ? it’s even 0.1 millimeters more slender than the iPad Air 2. A couple key catches and ports sit along the edges of the tablet, including a force catch, volume rocker, Micro USB, earphone jack, and MicroSD card opening. To finish everything off, this stunning tablet weighs just 306 grams.

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Despite the fact that there’s for all intents and purposes no void dark space at the highest point of the tablet, there’s a more extensive edge on its base half, which wraps around onto the back of the gadget. That base corner isn’t aluminum, and rather has the reflexive look of the glass inserts on the back of the iPhone 5S. That is the place Dell popped in an additional profundity detecting camera.

Obviously, the Venue 8 7840 leaves an enduring impression, which isn’t something most Android tablets can say. It emerges from the pack of plastic slates and conveys a genuinely particular outline. The Venue 8 7840 is the main genuinely top of the line Android tablet. Looks aren’t all that matters, obviously, however this tablet gives the iPad Mini a keep running for its cash regarding power, as well.

Stunning screen and super specs

The Venue 8 7840’s sharp, 8.4-inch screen wears the sort of determination intended to make iPad Mini clients desirous. The about sans bezel screen brags a 2,560 1,600 pixel determination and a pixel thickness of 361 ppi, which deciphers into a standout amongst the most shocking showcases on any tablet ? period. It has a larger number of pixels per inch than Apple’s iPad Mini (326 ppi), Google’s Nexus 9 (281 ppi), and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 8.4?(359 ppi).

It likewise depicts hues with significantly more exactness than its nearest Android rival, the Galaxy Tab S. Samsung’s screens regularly experience the ill effects of semi-hallucinogenic shading contortion, however I didn’t see any oversaturated hues on the Dell tablet’s screen. The blackest blacks looked fresh and profound, even while observing faintly lit scenes from the Vikings.

I wound up utilizing the Venue 8 7840 the same way I utilize my iPad Mini: as a spot to stream appears and motion pictures or read a decent book. The Venue is agreeable to hold, because of its thin bezels and light weight. Indeed, I thought that it was less demanding to handle while perusing than the iPad Mini, which is 10mm more extensive, despite the fact that it has a littler screen. The wide bezel at the base additionally refreshed simpler in my palms.

Dell popped only 16GB of capacity into its most recent Venue tablet, yet you’ll have the capacity to extend that sum up to an incredible 512GB, so that ought to be all that anyone could need space for a great many people.

Since a 2.3GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor and 2GB of RAM power the tablet, things run before long. I didn’t see any deferrals while spilling video from Netflix or skimming the Web, or whatever other basic tablet assignments. The main times the tablet had a deferred reaction was amid screen revolution and picture preparing, because of the mind boggling counts of profundity that are going ahead inside. The Venue 8 7840 was additionally somewhat ease back to begin once in a while, and took a few moments to warm up to speed. The slack was negligible, despite the fact that the screen turn deferral was maddening.

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The Dell Venue 8 7840 performed exceptionally well in benchmarks, surpassing most other top of the line tablets in its size and range. It scored a great 20,331 in the 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited test, light-years in front of the iPad Mini 3’s 14,064 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4’s 13,070 focuses. Just the Nexus 9?beat it with a score of 25,158.

Comparative results happened in the Geekbench 3 test, as the Dell tablet hit 2,887 on the multi-center score and 936 on the single center. In correlation, the Nexus 9 had a solitary center score of 1,920 and multi-center score of 3,315, and the iPad Mini 3 pulled off a solitary center score of 1,375 and a multi-center score of 2,478. In both cases, the Dell tablet performed superior to anything its primary rivals, or about equivalent.

Amazing, profundity detecting camera gives you a chance to gauge stuff

Tablet cameras are famously terrible, however Dell’s Venue 8 7840 has a huge number of cool camera highlights that you’d typically hope to see on a camera-centered cell phone. Indeed, some of its thoughts draw from prior undertakings by HTC and others. Keep in mind HTC’s UltraPixel camera with profundity detecting innovation, which let you modify pictures to give them a feeling of profundity? Well Dell’s gone and done likewise ? just better.

The Venue has what’s called an Intel RealSense Snapshot Depth camera framework, which incorporates one 8-megapixel camera and two 720p stereoscopic cameras on the back of the gadget, which all take pictures at the same time to record nitty gritty profundity information. On account of that information, you can alter photographs from the gadget to show profundity in various ways.

I took a bundle of photographs around NYC to perceive how well it dealt with structures and such. Despite the fact that there are a noteworthy number of channel choices to look over, the most striking one was distinctly the high contrast one. When I moved my finger up the picture, an apparatus appeared, demonstrating separations extending from 3.7 to 11 feet. As I moved my finger towards 11 feet, the front part of the picture turned high contrast, while objects out of sight stayed in full shading. The inverse happened, as I moved towards the number 3.7.

This impact looked especially cool when I captured a brilliant red apple before a cityscape in the far off foundation. It likewise worked best when the distinctions in separation were more compelling.

Dell’s tablet incidentally misconceived separations, in any case. For instance, the apple was under 3 feet from me, yet the product couldn’t tell ? in any event not in that shot ? colorizing erroneously as I balanced separations. In the following photo I took, it got the estimation right, and hued the entire apple and that’s it (aside from a touch of the closest building).


The tablet likewise took as much time as is needed handling profundity information and merging the photographs together into one shot. It was the main time the tablet genuinely slacked ? aside from on start-up, which took a while. In any case, altering photographs to show profundity is without a doubt fun, and Dell’s Venue 8 7840 shows improvement over the HTC One M8.

All that cool profundity detecting innovation isn’t only for entertainment only and recreations, however. Dell additionally inherent a measuring apparatus (it isn’t accessible to customers just yet, while Dell makes a few changes) that gives you a chance to gauge lines and compute the territory of the space you photo. I’m right now during the time spent moving, and I utilized it to gage furniture and divider space to see where diverse things would fit. The estimation device was to a great degree valuable and captivating.

Obviously, some of the time Dell gets the genuine estimation wrong or can’t figure it by any stretch of the imagination, yet more often than not it’s pretty darn precise in the event that you take the photo straight on from 3 and 15 feet away. The main issue is holding the tablet accurately, in order to abstain from concealing the cameras.

The picture nature of the shots is likewise entirely great, and you can take standard shots without profundity obviously, and also scenes. There’s additionally the required 2-megapixel front-confronting camera for you insane tablet selfie snappers (please quit doing this).

By and large, the profundity detecting cameras on Dell’s most recent Venue set it apart from each other tablet available. On the off chance that you’ve generally chuckled at individuals who bring pictures with tablets, as I do, the Dell Venue 8 7840 may alter your opinion. In the event that you have to gauge anything, or simply need a truly cool impact for your photograph, Intel’s RealSense innovation will deal with it. I wound up utilizing the camera far more than I anticipated.

The just thing Dell needs is Lollipop

In the event that the Dell Venue 8 7840 had Android 5.0 Lollipop it would be significantly more appealing. Until I saw Google’s most recent invigorate, Android looked dim and jumbled to me. While KitKat is the slightest blameworthy, it’s not up to snuff with Lollipop, which is brilliant, new, merry, and sleek. Material Design maneuvers Android together into an alluring bundle that makes you need to utilize Google’s applications for everything.

The last tablet I tried was the Nexus 9, which runs Android 5.0 Lollipop in all its magnificence. Obviously Dell didn’t include much to stock Android the Venue 8 7840, however it beyond any doubt would look and work far superior with Lollipop locally available. Dell will likely overhaul its Venue 7000 arrangement tablets with Lollipop as soon as possible, yet it’s too awful this tablet didn’t dispatch with 5.0 introduced.

Battery life on the Venue 8 7840 was a strong 10 hours. The 5,900mAh battery pack kept the tablet experiencing video spilling and other run of the mill tablet exercises without an issue for drawn out stretches of time. While 10 hours is OK battery life, it’s quite standard for tablets now.


Previously, Dell has made normal tablets at low costs. The Venue 8 7840 is a great special case to the tenet, and a genuinely astounding tablet. It’s the most attractive Android tablet I’ve ever utilized, and second in execution just to the Nexus 9. It could without much of a stretch supplant my iPad Mini, as it’s quite agreeable to hold than Apple’s littlest tablet and has a more honed screen.

Its champion element isn’t only the smooth outline ? it’s likewise the stunning profundity detecting cameras Dell included. Most tablets cameras are both pointless and frightful; the Venue 8 7840’s is not one or the other. I wound up utilizing it more regularly than I’d expected, and I envision most others will as well.

The cost is likewise very sensible for such a top of the line gadget. Dell’s Venue 8 7840 expenses $400??the same cost as the Nexus 9, iPad Mini 3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

Settling on an iPad Mini and the Dell Venue 8 7840 is an intense call, as both have flawless looks and solid specs. The iPad Mini conveys a smoother experience, yet you’ll pass up a great opportunity for the cool camera tech of the Dell tablet.

In case you’re truly into unadulterated Android and are dribbling for Lollipop, the Nexus 9 is your best option, in spite of its terrible plastic back. Who’s to say when or if Dell will at long last overhaul? In any case, in case you’re an Android fan looking for a tablet with looks as premium as its execution, the Dell Venue 8 7840 is the one for you.