Getting your parents’ approval is always hard, especially when it comes to makeup. If you sport a colored lip, they usually make some comment like, “Where are you going? It’s only 2 pm, not a black tie affair.” If you decide to go au naturel, they ask if you are feeling okay.

While it seems like you can’t win, there are some looks that both you and your parents can agree on. Follow these four makeup looks that are essential to keeping your rents on your good side this holiday season.

1. Fresh Face

For those of you with parents who aren’t makeup obsessed, why not try out the fresh face look. This look takes exactly zero minutes in the morning, so it’s the perfect look for everyday activities. Especially, if you are running behind.

2. Highlighter

They might not agree with you on whether gold sparkly eye shadow is really appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner this year. However, why not meet in the middle? Try a little highlighter instead. Highlighter is this holiday’s makeup must-have.

3. Light Pinks

Want to try a lip color? Why not light pink. It’s a color your parents can’t say no to. It’s soft, natural and feminine.

Plus it’s not too far off from your originally lip color.

4. No Makeup Makeup

Lastly, my favorite. I wear no makeup makeup on a daily basis. This contradiction is meant to enhance your features and look as if you aren’t wearing much makeup. So if you aren’t brave enough, like me, to rock a fresh face every day, this is the closest thing. All you need is a little foundation and your makeup must-haves. For me, that means a little mascara, blush and chapstick.

So after trying out these looks, are your parents impressed? Have you convinced them; not all makeup is bad?

Wishing all you Fashionistas luck in the makeup department this season.