• Forward-thinking specs set the bar for Android
  • Quick and responsive fingerprint sensor
  • Now on Tap makes Android more prescient than ever
  • Quick charging juices up fast
  • Premium metal build


  • Expensive for a Nexus
  • Somewhat bland design

Google’s Nexus telephones used to be to some degree unassuming mid-range telephones with cool components, immaculate Android, and a low sticker price. The Nexus 6 broke that mold with a blast as Google’s first top of the line, kind sized measured phablet. Everything about the Nexus 6 was enormous, including its cost. This year, Google collaborated with Huawei to make another phablet, the Nexus 6P. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and less expensive than a year ago’s Motorola-made Android lead, yet would it be able to overcome the opposition?

We utilized the Nexus 6P to discover how it holds up against driving leader Android telephones from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola.

Sleek and smooth in all metal

On the off chance that you’ve seen Huawei’s P8, then the Nexus 6P will look really recognizable. It has the same all metal form, chamfered edges, and the strong dark zone at the top back of the telephone where the camera sits. Fixated on the back of the telephone, you’ll locate a round unique mark sensor with a gleaming edge that gets the light from various points. Google’s Nexus marking looks underneath it, and after that you see Huawei’s name in little print right over the crease close to the base end of the telephone.

It’s somewhat plain looking, yet its straightforwardness develops on you after some time. The Nexus logo is truly immense, which could pester a few people, yet of course, in case you’re getting a Nexus, odds are you’re an Android nerd who’s glad to fly the Nexus banner.

For a 5.7-inch telephone, the Nexus 6P is strikingly simple to hold and agreeable to get a handle on. The chamfered edges offer great hold, and in spite of the fact that the metal body doesn’t feel as metallic as the iPhone 6S Plus, it is positively strong and smooth. The metal doesn’t get the same number of fingerprints as glass or sparkly plastic, however it’s not exactly as safe as a decent matte plastic or the marginally texturized back of the Moto X Style Pure Edition.

The 6P even has two front-confronting speakers, which give incredible sound (for a cell phone). Most Android telephones conceal speakers on the back or pop them on the base of the telephone like Apple does, so it’s particularly critical that the 6P moves them to the front ? simply like the Moto X Style Pure Edition. The main drawback is that the expansion of speakers on the front makes the bezels greater, and the Nexus 6P is bigger than it should be a result of them. Individuals who incline toward littler telephones will be pitiful to realize that the 6P is the same stature and width as the iPhone 6S Plus.

Sadly, the force catch and volume rocker are on the same side of the telephone, which is something that will bother some of you. We regularly mixed up the force catch or the volume catch or the other way around.

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Another minor problem of our own includes the unique mark sensor’s position. It’s optimal to have it on the back when you’re holding the telephone, and it is one of the quickest unique mark sensors we’ve ever utilized. In any case, when the telephone is perched around our work area, we can’t open it without lifting it up and touching the unique mark sensor ? unless we need to enter a PIN (we truly don’t). Google picked to have two front-confronting speakers as opposed to putting the unique mark sensor on the front, which is most likely an insightful decision at last. Fuss aside, it is significantly more agreeable to utilize when you are holding the telephone.

We additionally wish it had LG’s Knock On highlight or the Moto X’s signal to wake capacity, so we could simply look at the time and notices on the lock screen without touching the force catch or lift the telephone up off our work area. It’s an exacting thing that will most likely get understood soon. All things considered, Qualcomm is taking a shot at a ultrasound-fueled unique finger impression sensor that can be implanted underneath glass, so hypothetically, future unique mark sensors won’t should be physical catches ? you’ll have the capacity to quite recently touch your screen and go into the telephone. For the time being, we get the 6P to utilize it.

Solid specs for Google’s flagship

All the top of the line specs you’d hope to discover on a lead Android telephone are incorporated on the Nexus 6P. It has an iridescent 5.7-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 pixel determination screen, which looks sharp and splendid. The enormous size is extraordinary for watching motion pictures, and any phablet client will let you know that it’s less demanding to complete things on immense screens. Add to that the smoothness of Android 6.0 and the rate of its processor, and you have an exceptionally gainful instrument with the Nexus 6P.

Like most leader Android telephones nowadays, the 6P sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and an astounding 3GB of RAM to keep things moving along at a decent clasp. Fortunately, the new form of the 810 doesn’t appear to keep running as hot as the first did, and we never experienced overheating issues with the Nexus 6P ? notwithstanding when overhauling all our applications in one shot.

Thankfully, the telephone begins with 32GB of capacity, and there’s a 64GB alternative, however you’ll need to pick painstakingly ? the Nexus 6P doesn’t have a MicroSD card opening for growing stockpiling when you run out. Google in part cures the absence of development with its Photos application, which consequently spares every one of your pics on the cloud to help you free up space. Still, on the off chance that you need the physical records of photographs, recordings, and much on your telephone alongside all your applications, you could come up short on space before long.

Obviously, most producers have moved far from expandable stockpiling, so it’s not very astounding ? simply frustrating for Nexus fans.

Pure Android 6.0 and Now on Tap

On the off chance that you’ve generally adored Huawei telephones, yet abhorred what Emotion UI does to Android, you’re in for a treat with the Nexus 6P. Gone is the impersonation iOS skin, and in its place is ooey gooey Marshmallow goodness. Android 6.0 looks incredible on the new Nexus, and it runs like a fantasy. It’s Android as Google planned, which is something that you once in a while find past Nexus telephones. Just Motorola’s Moto X Style Pure Edition can give you this sort of experience ? once it gets Marshmallow, obviously.

Long story short, the Nexus 6P will have Huawei fans longing that their P8 and Mate S telephones ran unadulterated Android.

Not just does Marshmallow look great on the Nexus 6P, it additionally amps up the telephone’s execution. Applications stack quick and Google Now is more brilliant than any time in recent memory. What’s more, since it’s a Nexus, the 6P will get redesigns and security fixes more rapidly than whatever other Android telephone available. Overhaul rate is turning out to be increasingly imperative in the light of significant bugs like Stagefright and Heartbleed, and quick access to Android upgrades is one of the principle attracts to Nexus telephones as a rule.


Past those nuts and bolts, the coolest element in Android 6.0 is Now on Tap. Regardless of what application you’re utilizing, a long push on the Home fasten will bring a Google window at the base of the screen. It ought to demonstrate whatever you’re taking a gander at, and give you more choices. So in case you’re chasing for an inn, it’ll give you connections to call or see more about the lodging, too as?a rundown of different applications that could help your inquiry. Click on another application, Yelp for occasion, and it will profound connection into the lodging’s page inside that application.

Presently on Tap could spare a considerable measure of time, particularly in the event that you are gazing upward bearings or arranging an excursion. Let’s assume you’re scanning for information for an excursion to China. Google as of now gives you a rundown of locales to see and other key data when you scan for a spot, however a basic press of the home secure will convey much more recommendations of things to hunt down, spots to eat, and how to arrive. Google made its business by making the world simple to look, yet now all that force is considerably nearer to your fingertips ? All you have to do is tap, and like a judicious being, Google will help you.

Other stellar Android Marshmallow highlights incorporate enhanced applications authorizations ? which give you more noteworthy control over what data you impart to organizations ? and Android Pay, which is the brand new portable installments application Google made to contend with Apple Pay and renew Google Wallet. Android Pay offers an incredible involvement with the checkout, and it’s one reason why having a unique mark sensor is so vital. The expansion of this component puts the Nexus 6P in front of lead telephones that propelled before in 2015 without unique mark sensors. Portable installments may not be a major ordeal now, but rather they will be.

A better camera, however it’s no showstopper

A standout amongst the most imperative parts of any cell phone is the camera. In the course of recent years, Android telephones from Samsung, LG, and HTC have truly enhanced the nature of their cameras. Nexus telephones were the exemption to the standard ? as of not long ago. In spite of the fact that the 6P’s camera may not be as amazing as the one on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the LG G4, it is the best camera on a Nexus telephone yet.

The back camera is a 12.3-megapixel shooter, yet it’s fueled by a Sony sensor with a much more prominent 1.55-micron pixel size. Google guarantees that with the bigger pixel size, you won’t require Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which is something we’ve generally expected on phablets like the Note 5 and LG G4. Google says the Nexus 6P will offer better low-light pictures, and highlight laser-center innovation for speedier centering.

In view of our testing, Google’s cases are overstated. Your low-light pics won’t turn out dreadful, yet they won’t look comparable to the ones you can take in manual mode on the G4 or ordinarily on the Galaxy S6. The center isn’t generally as speedy as it is on the iPhone 6S Plus, and you may need to sit tight for it to focus on the point of interest you chose, yet once it lasers in, your picture turns out fresh and clear. On splendid sunny days, the 6P produces exquisite photographs, yet indoor shots taken as the sun is simply beginning to rise looked boisterous and faint. The camera additionally experienced difficulty with blended light when a large portion of a shot was in light and the other half in shadow ? objects in the light watches washed out. Centering in on little subtle elements demonstrated testing, as well ? when you get excessively shut, the 6P won’t center.

Generally speaking, the Nexus 6P’s camera is about in the same class as the new Moto X’s camera, which is to say, it’s great, yet not as unimaginable as the opposition. The plain Android camera application looks obsolete and excessively shortsighted. That wide dark bar where the camera catch and exhibition alternative sit takes up a lot of the screen, so you can’t generally see what you’re taking a photo of on the decent, wide screen. There aren’t numerous alternatives or settings either, which is irritating, particularly when most Android telephones offer manual modes now. It’s a great opportunity to redesign the camera application, Google.

On the front of the gadget, things show signs of improvement. The 8-megapixel camera on the front is more high-res than most Android selfie cams, and it bests the iPhone 6S’s 5-megapixel front-confronting shooter. When you zoom in on iPhone selfies, things begin to get somewhat uproarious and the clarity of point of interest abatements. The Nexus 6P keeps up the sharpness and level of subtle element notwithstanding when you zoom in on little questions like eyelashes and spots. It’s not an immense contrast, but rather selfie partners will know and welcome it.

USB Type-C compensates for one-day battery life

The Nexus 6P doesn’t hold back on battery with its 3,450mAh pack, however for all its size, the battery doesn’t keep going the length of you’d think. The 6P effectively deals with a full and occupied workday, yet it can’t last through two of them. One and a half days is conceivable on the off chance that you push it. Tragically, one-day battery life is the standard for verging on each lead Android telephone in 2015.

Fortunately, the 6P bolsters brisk charging and Type-C USB. We were at the end of the day struck by how magnificent speedy charging is the point at which we connected the 6P to for 20 minutes and returned to see that the gadget was full. Following 30 minutes, we were up and running with a full battery ? you can’t beat that.

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The Type-C USB port was anything but difficult to utilize, and we didn’t need to stress over connecting it to the wrong way, which is a gift that iPhone clients have been appreciating for quite a while. The main baffling part is that your old Micro USB frill won’t work with it ? this incorporates overwhelming obligation charging links, docks, and most outside battery packs. It would appear that you’ll need to go purchase some versatile links or new adornments for the Nexus 6P ? Welcome to the torment that Apple clients felt in 2012 when the lightning port touched base on the iPhone 5.

Nexus Protect telephone warranty

Google presented a $90 2-year protection approach for coincidental harm, in case you’re a butterfingers who routinely devastates your telephone. Should you break your Nexus 6P, you’ll get a substitution telephone as ahead of schedule as the following business day (once your case is endorsed), and Google will take care of the expense of two-way delivering.

You basically document a case with Google’s accomplice Assurant Solutions by telephone or at?mynexusprotect.com whenever. The protection conceals to 2 occurrences of unintentional harm for a long time. Nexus Protect covers splits, glitches, slight water harm, and other regular issues, however it doesn’t cover burglary.


The Nexus 6P is the finest telephone Google has ever constructed, and sets the standard for each new Android telephone that will touch base in 2016. For $100 ? $300 more, you can get a Galaxy Note 5, or LG G4 ? both of which have better cameras and similar specs ? however you don’t have to. The Nexus 6P is the Android lead we’ve been sitting tight for from Google, and a promising indication of things to want Huawei, the organization that made the telephone.

The $500 base cost is still costly for a Nexus ? There’s no chance to get around the way that you can get the Moto X Style Pure Edition for $100 less. It has the greater part of the same specs, less two essential ones: the 810 chip and unique finger impression sensor. The Moto X Style may accompany expandable memory and a completely adaptable configuration, yet it’s not exactly as engaging or ground breaking as the Nexus 6P. We prescribe you spend the additional money and get the new Nexus.

You’ll be exceptionally cheerful in the event that you purchase the 6P ? It’s an extraordinary telephone, and it satisfies the Nexus notoriety for building strong Android telephones with slick new components. The 6P is the main Nexus telephone that genuinely speaks to the best that Google’s Android can offer. Furthermore, in case you’re considering purchasing the less expensive Nexus 5X, reconsider.