Panasonic’s most affordable 4K TV might make you afraid of the dark


  • Bright, accurate colors
  • Affordable 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Intuitive smart interface
  • Solid feature set


  • Mediocre shadow detail
  • Poor off-axis viewing
  • 60Hz refresh rate not great for fast content
  • No Hulu app

It doesn’t take much ability to peruse the written work on the divider nowadays: 1080p HD TVs are the remainder of the dinosaurs, and 4K Ultra HD is the comet that killed them. In case you’re not persuaded by the way that significant organizations like LG have as of now flagged the end of HD TV creation, the new era of strikingly reasonable 4K Ultra HD TVs ought to do the trap. Keeping in mind cost cognizant brands like Vizio and Hisense are driving the charge, the greatest brands are getting into the go about also.

Enter Panasonic’s new TC-50CX600U 4K Ultra HD TV, a financial plan agreeable set from the storied TV creator that is accessible in a 50-inch model for simply under an excellent. That is the sort of cost you’d pay for a mid-level 1080p HD TV only a year or two prior, and the CX600 comes stacked with Panasonic’s fit new Firefox shrewd interface. Anyway, is it an opportunity to exchange your HD TV for a model of the following period? The answer is more entangled than you may might suspect.

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Out of the box

As you may anticipate from a TV at the most reduced rung of Panasonic’s 4K Ultrar HD lineup, there’s nothing particularly favor here, only a level board set on a rectangular unibody stand, however the smoke-chrome trim around the edges offers some hot appearance in the right light. The TV sets up in minutes, and looks sufficiently appealing on a TV stand, donning a moderately thin bezel and a profundity of 2.5-inches that places it amidst the pack for LCD TVs.

In the crate are the standard embellishments, including an unremarkable person remote control wand and batteries, alongside a manual and limited time materials.

Features and design

While the set is among the most moderate 4K UHD TVs in its class, Panasonic doesn’t hold back with regards to inputs, stacking the CX600 with a trio of HDMI 2.0a inputs, incorporating one with ARC for better correspondence with associated gadgets. All are outfitted with the most recent HDCP 2.2 copyright assurance and backing 60Hz 4K UHD content. Three USB inputs are cut into the side, including a solitary 3.0 contribution to take into consideration direct association with a 4K UHD gadget. Different inputs incorporate a standard Component/Composite RCA information, an Ethernet port, and an optical computerized sound jack.


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Behind the screen, the TV gloats Panasonic’s Quad-Core Pro preparing motor, supporting a 60Hz local LED LCD board, which is basically the absolute lowest grade with regards to revive rates. That tends to make quick movement content somewhat spiked on occasion, yet Panasonic has one of the minimum hostile movement processors available, and it’s offered here in qualities of feeble, mid, and solid. Drawing in the mildest setting smooths things out enjoyably enough, with just a slight touch of the twisting Soap Opera impact.

There’s no full cluster nearby darkening on board the edge-lit CX600. Panasonic’s Adaptive Backlight Control attempts to help in dark levels, however the element has a tendency to divert more than upgrade. Those longing persuading contrast and wealthier dark levels will need to venture up in cost to one of Panasonic’s upper level models, which can run you an additional stupendous or more.

Either that or investigate one of Vizio’s M-arrangement models.

There’s very little else that emerges about the CX600’s configuration, aside from the remote which is unmistakable just for its absence of refinement. At this value you’ll surrender any type of touch cushion or movement control ? hellfire, we would have settled for an illuminated keypad, yet no shakers there either. Still, the unit does its employment all around ok, bringing out just a minor bandy in the area of the Netflix catch, which is set right over the upper route key and sent us into the application spontaneous a few times in the initial few days.

Smart interface

While the CX600’s outline might be dull, the same can’t be said for the shimmering new Firefox Smart TV interface, which is a striking change over Panasonic’s past multi-sheet framework. The most recent cell phone interface to relocate to TV land, Firefox puts Panasonic nearer in accordance with Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s webOS 2.0 frameworks, however it’s not exactly as smooth as those alternatives.

All things considered, the framework is smart and instinctive, splashing the screen in pastel hues as you jump through three principle branches, including Live TV (be it telecast or link), Apps, and Devices. The last list can likewise be come to through the TV’s fundamental interface, yet the keen choice additionally serves up any DLNA associated gadgets over your remote system. One element we missed here is the capacity to naturally recognize associated gadgets, however it’s not by any stretch of the imagination expected at this level.

Route to and from the interface is as simple as tapping the Home and Exit keys individually, with close moment association, and on-the-nose directions help you situate yourself in the blink of an eye. Maybe the coolest versatile component is the capacity to “stick” gadgets, applications, and even channels to any of the three segments for adjustable access.

All the fundamental applications are available, spare Hulu, which is strangely overlooked in the application store too. Netflix and Amazon come pre-stacked for your HD or UHD seeing joy, as does YouTube, the VOD motion picture administration Vudu, and the Firefox program you’ll never use to surf the Internet. Social applications like Twitter and Facebook can be downloaded from the commercial center. This being a “Netflix Recommended” TV, it’s nothing unexpected that Netflix stacking is extremely quick, yet YouTube, and Amazon are quite expedient too.


There’s most likely the CX600 has a considerable measure of things putting it all on the line, particularly for a 4K UHD TV at this value point. That is an essential qualifier, however, as the high determination requires a few concessions over similar HD TVs at this value which may not be attractive to additionally observing viewers.

Those bargains incorporate dark levels that are pretty so-in this way, notwithstanding for a lower-level TV, and shadow points of interest that leave a ton to be fancied on your murkiest substance. With a specific end goal to cajole appropriate subtle element in the darkest corners of motion pictures like Harry Potter 7, or Prometheus, we were compelled to wrench up the splendor levels to a point that summoned gleaming boundaries along the edges of the screen, and in addition a few ancient rarities on select substance. Backing things down a bit offers a reasonable bargain, yet you’ll pay for it with lost measurement in dull apparel, corners, stairwells, and even the sides of confronts dispersing rapidly into the dim ether. In that capacity, cinephiles who invest a really long time in obscured rooms should reconsider before plunging into this model.


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The TV avoids the blossoming we see in numerous LCD boards with the brilliance threw in the towel, yet off-pivot survey is pretty much as terrible as we’ve generally expected from more moderate LCD charge. Smooth mists develop the screen with every progression you detract from focus, and looking from a sharp point changes letterbox bars on movies into a pale sepia tone.

In any case, for viewers who invest the majority of their survey energy in the light, the CX600’s different gifts might be sufficient to excuse its transgressions oblivious. Daytime review is the place LCD boards do their best work, and the CX600 is no special case. Hues are distinctive, without making pictures look unnatural, and the screen is blazingly splendid, even with the backdrop illumination brought down to half pole.

And after that, obviously, there’s the enormous offering point: yes, 4K UHD determination. While the adequacy of 4K determination for littler screen sizes has been the subject of genuine verbal confrontation, what isn’t begging to be proven wrong is the CX600’s capacity to render 4K content in well sharpened sharp detail. Notwithstanding with regards to substance that wasn’t locally recorded in 4K, for example, Breaking Bad, the CX600 awes. In Walt’s initially meeting with Lydia at the caf, for example, the presentation depicted everything from the cratered dimples all over, to the textured strips of the paper napkin with stark clarity that is outstanding even from over the room.

Including an addendum for sound execution, we’ll quit wasting time and say it’s dreadful, notwithstanding for a level screen TV. Primary concern, on the off chance that you don’t need your sound turning out level and tinny, utilize a sound bar or stereo framework.

One more fuss to delicate: You can just buy this TV from Panasonic specifically right now. Panasonic instructs us to anticipate that the TV will show up at and soon, however the way that you can’t buy Panasonic’s most recent TVs at such real retailers as Amazon and Best Buy makes them scratch our heads.


Panasonic’s new TC-50CX600U offers splendid hues, a ultra brilliant screen, and, at $900 (at time of distributed) for a 50-inch screen, speaks to a standout amongst the most reasonable 4K UHD TVs available. In any case, those searching for…

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