• Gorgeous Edge design looks nearly perfect
  • Top-of-the-line-specs
  • Water-resistant design
  • Solid camera takes strong low-light pics
  • Fast fingerprint sensor


  • Slippery glass is fragile, collects fingerprints
  • Overly sensitive nav buttons and touchscreen
  • No unlocked version, too much bloatware

Samsung didn’t simply demonstrate the Galaxy S7 Edge to crowds at its dispatch occasion, it pushed it right in their countenances with the assistance of VR. As I sat in the gathering of people wearing Gear VR goggles, the shining glass and metal Edge came whirling into perspective, sparkling enticingly, while music pumped. It was the single coolest minute I’ve ever experienced at a press occasion, and it set a high bar for the telephone ? a bar that the genuine, non-VR Edge strikingly figures out how to satisfy.

While we’ve been trying this telephone for quite a long time, this is a preparatory audit, which we’ll overhaul routinely as we keep on putting the S7 Edge through its paces.

The Edge outline is about perfect

Samsung’s first provocative cell phone was the Galaxy S6 Edge ? one look, and you essentially needed to have it. No one minded that its glass back grabbed excessively numerous fingerprints, or that it was elusive and frantically delicate. Indeed, even Samsung haters who’d hated the brand in the past pined for the telephone.

The S7 Edge holds the same attractive control over you from the minute you first look at it. It looked so damn great pirouetting in a glass case at the press occasion that I nearly overlooked why I abhor glass-supported telephones.

Yet, then I touched it. Its velvety glass back was soon defaced by a mass of fingerprints, and the spell was broken. On the off chance that you don’t care for fingerprints, you’re going to need to pop a case on it, or bear a minor container of Windex all over the place. It’s additionally dangerous, so we’d prescribe the case, however it’s a crying disgrace to conceal this stunning telephone.

Samsung might not have settled its unique finger impression issue, but rather it fixed the sharp metal edges that made the S6 Edge telephone feel enormous and clumsy. The glass back bends now, much the same as the Galaxy Note 5, so that the metal edges don’t dive into your hands any longer. What’s more, despite the fact that the 5.5-inch screen is greater than a year ago’s model, it’s shockingly thin and doesn’t feel or resemble a phablet. Beside the iPhone 6S Plus ? which has the same screen size ? it looks decidedly minor.


It’s astounding the amount Samsung figured out how to thin down the S7 Edge. Its 2,560 x 1,440 pixel screen takes up about the whole front of the telephone, leaving little bezels at the top and base of the gadget. What’s more, on account of the bended edges, the screen has all the earmarks of being boundless. The impact is dazzling.

In an arrival to frame, Samsung included an IP68 rating for dust and water imperviousness to the S7 Edge, so you can dunk it in water for up to 30 minutes without trepidation. Most cell phones don’t have security against sprinkles of water, despite the fact that dropping your telephone in the can is a standout amongst the most widely recognized mishaps that happen. It’s an executioner highlight that makes the S7 Edge emerge from its fundamental rivals, the iPhone 6S and the LG G5.

In any case, to have a firm hold on the tricky S7 Edge, I have to settle the base corner in my palm. On the off chance that I do that, I constantly hit the back or menu catches. They’re significantly more excessively delicate on the S7 Edge than on other Samsung telephones, and immediately baffled me. Most cell phone creators leave these catches on the screen for a justifiable reason ? so you don’t unintentionally hit them.

You additionally need to push down the home catch to open it with your unique mark. This might be standard practice on the iPhone and the LG V10, yet the Nexus 6P, LG G5, and other current Android telephones have unique mark sensors that don’t require a catch press. Simply touch your finger to the sensor and go. It’s much quicker and more natural.

Top-of-the-line specs

In the event that numbers help you rest during the evening, you ought to rest genuinely well around the S7 Edge. Samsung let us know that both S7 telephones will keep running on another quad-center 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz processor, however the producer of that processor will fluctuate by locale. In the United States, it will be the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 ? yet in whatever is left of the world, Samsung will utilize its very own Exynos chip plan. The new processors are evidently around 30 percent quicker than the Galaxy S6 and the incorporated design processor is around 64 percent speedier. A few reports assert the Snapdragon models are a great deal more capable than the Exynos ones, however we haven’t possessed the capacity to check freely.

It has 4GB RAM, 32GB of capacity, and the Nano SIM plate likewise has a MicroSD card space that can hold any cards accessible today (up to 200GB). Applications can be spared straight to the card. Samsung has even struck an arrangement so the GS7s are the main telephones good with the?Vulkan API, which ought to help top of the line diversion improvement.

In benchmark tests, the S7 Edge performed extremely well. It scored 40,414 on the Quadrant benchmark, 2,532 on the 3D Mark Sling Shot test, and 5,370 in the multi-center test of Geekbench 3 (2,329 in the single-center score). The numbers are truly high, however we hope to see comparable results from different telephones with the Snapdragon 820 inside. A few tests demonstrate the iPhone 6S Plus outflanking the S7 Edge as far as velocity, and doubtlessly we’ll have benchmark wars for years to come. The fact of the matter is, you won’t be frustrated with the Edge’s smooth, quick, and responsive execution. The admonition is that it seems to run warm, in spite of the fluid cooling inside the telephone.

Samsung’s new Always On screen inconclusively demonstrates a clock, warnings, or gadgets like a schedule for fast review, notwithstanding when the telephone is sleeping ? however not when it’s in your pocket. It’s truly useful, particularly for those of us, similar to me, who are blameworthy of continually checking our telephones for the time. I’m infatuated with this component. It sounds inconsequential, however following a week with it, you’ll never need to live without it. You can even change the clock style and include a foundation picture in various hues.


In case you’re not time fixated, you can likewise include a date-book, or simply flaunt a hip picture. My most loved was a cosmic system themed shot with vivid planets. I wish I could put a clock on top of it, however that’d most likely deplete the battery excessively.

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Obviously, this screen uses battery. Battery size has enhanced by a decent 13 to 15 percent to compensate for it, however the Always On screen will suck up the vast majority of that additional juice in the range of a day. We’re trying further to check whether the logbook or pictures deplete the battery more than simply your normal clock. Fortunately, you can kill the component on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize it.

TouchWiz makes a wreck

While most producers are beginning to support a more vanilla rendition of Android, Samsung keeps on sticking to TouchWiz, it’s enormous and cumbersome custom interface. There aren’t numerous new components, however odd choices, such as including two application stores, will at present befuddle a few people. Samsung additionally dispensed with the Flipboard gadget that was only a swipe far from the home screen. Google Now isn’t there, either, so on the off chance that you need speedy access to news, you’ll need to add it to the screen by downloading a launcher from one of the application stores.

The application symbols look somewhat compliment, however despite everything they’re not in accordance with cutting edge portable interface feel. The Gallery application still has that odd blossom symbol, and the telephone application is secured in green plaid. A few people love this look, yet in the event that you’re into stock Android, Samsung is still not going to satisfy you.

A few reports even demonstrate that TouchWiz backs Samsung telephones off. In spite of the fact that the S7 Edge at present appears to be super rapid and we didn’t keep running into any faltering, we noticed that the Galaxy S6 did not age well. TouchWiz backed it off after some time, and that could happen with the S7 Edge, as well. We’ll update you as often as possible.

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The other issue is bloatware. Samsung packs this thing with Amazon applications, Samsung applications that recreate Google applications, and in case you’re sufficiently unfortunate to be with Verizon, a no under nine transporter applications. In addition, Verizon demands cutting Samsung applications like its informing application and Samsung Pay. Since Samsung doesn’t offer opened adaptations of its telephones, there’s no maintaining a strategic distance from this wreckage.

It’s totally confounding that Samsung doesn’t offer its telephones opened in the U.S. nowadays. Of course, a great many people still purchase their telephones at bearers, however some don’t ? particularly now that the two-year contract is dead. It’s opportunity Samsung join Apple, Motorola, Google, and scores of different producers with opened telephones.

There’s likewise the matter of redesigns. With genuine bugs like Stagefright turning out to be more basic in Android, it is basic that telephones get auspicious upgrades. The more unmistakable the telephone’s UI and the more nosy the transporter, the more it takes to upgrade telephones to the most recent variant of Android. Samsung doesn’t precisely have a sparkling record here, yet neither does any maker, truly. It’s a great opportunity to change that.

Samsung’s Edge is more keen than any time in recent memory

Because of a couple changes, the 550-pixel Edge on the telephone is more valuable than any time in recent memory. Applications can utilize more space, and a cool new board called Tasks Edge gives you alternate routes to choose Samsung applications and gadgets, so you can get to components you require all the more rapidly.

For instance, you can speedy dispatch the selfie camera, make a contact, form a message, or review an email. The errands are for the most part restricted to Samsung applications at this moment, so in the event that you utilize an option logbook or email application, you’re in a tough situation. Informing applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat, all oblige you to make a symbol for a particular discussion on your home screen, before you can add it to Task Edge. This annihilations the reason: If you as of now have an alternate route on your home screen to message your most loved contact, why do you require it in the Edge, as well?

Errand Edge needs more backing for outsider applications, and more particular, customized choices, such as sending a canned message to a friend or family member saying you’re protected at work or on your way home. An iOS application called Launcher gives you a chance to do this from the gadgets pull-down menu on the iPhone, and I utilize it constantly. On the off chance that the Tasks Edge will be really valuable, then it’ll require these sorts of components.

Fortunately, you can in any case dispatch any application rapidly from the Apps Edge, and you can have 10 applications there now. It remains the most helpful of the edge boards. The People Edge is still awesome for when you have to speed dial your mother, and the extended screen land makes Yahoo News and CNN News a great deal all the more engaging and valuable to have on the Edge.

Since Samsung is by all accounts put resources into the Edge, we expect more application engineers will begin making applications for the edge, and it will keep on becoming more valuable. On the S7 Edge, it’s no more the contrivance it used to be on before models, yet’s despite everything it not as cleaned or handy as we wish it were.

Quick charging is awesome and battery life is decent

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge bolsters both remote and Quick Charging, which is a standout amongst the most valuable new components a telephone can have (regardless of the fact that it’s Quick Charge 2.0 ? not 3.0). It still squeezes up truly rapidly after all other options have been exhausted.

With its 3,600mAh pack, the telephone appears to outlive the standard S7, and it can endure one day of moderate use. That is not awful, but rather we’re trying further to decide how well it passages on an extremely bustling day, so stay tuned for further battery life perceptions.

Sadly, the Edge S7 utilized Micro USB; not USB Type C. Samsung held up this year so that the S7 line works with its Gear VR headset, however we expect it will switch over soon. From a functional viewpoint, however, this implies all your old Micro USB chargers will at present work. You can put off the torment of exchanging chargers for one more year.

Strong camera, even in low light

Samsung commonly makes one of the best cell phone cameras, and the Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera is no special case. It’s pretty much keeping pace with the iPhone, and infrequently bests it in low light, which is a gigantic compliment.

The 12-megapixel camera sensor utilizes 100 percent of the pixels for centering, giving a super-quick auto focus?and better low-light performance.?It now has a gap of f/1.7, which bests a year ago’s f/1.9, too.?Only megapixel tally moves in reverse, down from 16 megapixels on a year ago’s S6. In any case, as the iPhone demonstrates over and over, determination isn’t all that matters.

The Galaxy S7 Edge produces perfect, if not somewhat over immersed, pictures outside on sunny days and even inside with blended lighting. It has a slight low-light preferred standpoint over iPhone 6S Plus, however now and again it over adjusts. Once in a while, low-light pictures turn out grainy or seem extinguished. These shots perpetually look more terrible than ones you’d bring with the iPhone 6S Plus, however when it takes care of business, the S7 Edge takes prevalent photographs in low light. The camera gives all the more light access and uncovers more prominent point of interest by and large.

The iPhone 6S Plus produces more sensible results, however, so on the off chance that you discover Samsung’s look excessively splendid and soaked, this isn’t the telephone for you. Once in a while Samsung’s helps result in a superior picture; once in a while it’s excessively.


We’ll need to contrast it with different telephones, including the LG G5, to make a more official judgment.

The 5-megapixel selfie cam is pretty much equivalent on both the iPhone and the S7 Edge, which is to say it’s sufficient, however could be vastly improved.

Warranty information

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a one-year guarantee that spreads unintentional harm and absconds. To get your gadget supplanted or repaired, you need to send it to an approved telephone administration office with the receipt or verification of offer demonstrating the first date of procurement, the serial number of the item, and the merchant’s name and address.

It’s critical to note that the two bended glass boards on the telephone might be costly to supplant, if they break. We’ve connected with Samsung for more specifics on glass substitution expenses, and we’ll keep you redesigned here.


In the event that you purchased a S6 Edge, you’re going to wish you had held up. Samsung smoothed out every one of the edges this year to make a balanced, cleaned item with the Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s more agreeable to hold, includes more screen land without including any mass, enhances the camera, and reincorporates pearls like water resistance and a MicroSD card opening.

The S7 Edge is a decent purchase that we’d healthily prescribe to any individual who’s shaking a telephone that is no less than two years of age. On the off chance that you despised the S6 for its absence of water resistance and MicroSD card, they you’ll be content with the current year’s model. Samsung fans overhauling from the Galaxy S5 or S4 will see stamped changes in the processor, camera, and screen quality. Clean monstrosities and germaphobes will abhor the unique finger impression issue, yet in the event that you pop a case on it, you’ll be fine.

Android idealists need not matter, however, as TouchWiz still has a solid nearness on the S7 Edge. The Nexus 6P still has the upside of a sturdier metal body, overhauls, and unadulterated Android ? also a lower sticker price. In any case, you’ll penance water resistance and a solid camera, on the off chance that you run with the 6P.

In case you’re attempting to settle on the S7 Edge and the customary S7, we’d suggest the Edge. The additional screen space isn’t absolutely valuable yet, it will be soon. The more accentuation Samsung places on the Edge, the more engineers express enthusiasm for it, and the more valuable it will get to be. The bigger screen pressed into a little body practically gives you a phablet that feels like a littler telephone than it truly is.

As somebody who detested the Edge so much I composed an article about it, I’m at long last getting locally available the Edge train. It generally looked decent, and now it even feels pleasant. The Edge has potential now that it’s greater and more applications are coming. I can hardly wait to see what designers will do with prearranged application alternate ways.

As the main leader telephone of 2016, the Galaxy S7 Edge more than satisfies its potential. It’s a beautiful telephone with huge amounts of force and heaps of exceptional elements to make it emerge.