During finals, it seems like every subject comes down to analysis. We dissect in biology; (attempt) to solve equations in calculus; look for meaning in literature. So while our days (and nights) over the next few weeks will be consumed with breaking down our studies, why not break down the ideal look for finals as well?

Check out our fashion anatomy lesson on what to wear for the perfect study look to help you ace your exams (or at least go down looking stylish).

1—Oversized sweater. If you are going to be forced to be in the library for 12 hours a day, you might as well wear something you can/want to live.

2—Super stretch denim. Looks like jeans, feels like sweatpants—need I say anymore?

3—Topknot. For those times you don’t know and don’t care about the last time you actually washed your hair.

4—Blanket scarf. A socially acceptable way to wear your bed out of the house.

5—Socks with loafers. When business formal met pajama casual: a finals story.

6—Sunglasses. Protect your retinas in the rare chance you are actually exposed to sunlight over the next few weeks.

7—Eyeglasses. Dress for the job you want. And, in this case, it’s super brainy college student.