Open your ears to the magic of 3D surround sound with Yamaha’s YSP-5600


  • Powerful Dolby Atmos/DTS:X virtual surround sound
  • Feature-rich
  • Extremely detailed dialog and sound effects
  • Easy to use


  • Too bulky for some setups
  • Expensive
  • Tight sweet spot for surround sound

Yamaha has been stopping alongside its sound projector lineup for quite a long time, refining its special arrangement of covering sound bars with a variety of little drivers (called “shafts”) to bob sound off your dividers for powerful virtual encompass sound. While we’ve been awed by past emphasess like the YSP-2500, it’s no overestimation to say that the most recent in the lineup, the YSP-5600, is nothing not exactly Yamaha’s Magnum Opus in the class.

A huge nearness that stands more than 8 inches tall, the YSP-5600 isn’t your normal sound bar ? and it should be. Stacked into this behemoth are 44 pillar drivers, including a 12-pack of them pointed comfortable roof to convey the feeling of stature required by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X advances. Notwithstanding, with all that equipment ? and the product to back it ? the 5600’s $1,600 passage cost (sans subwoofer) puts it perilously near that of a customary, multi-speaker Atmos/DTS:X setup. With a mammoth size and value point, would this be able to cutting edge brute fit in with your setup?

Out of the box

Pulling the YSP-5600 from its crate is an errand not for the delicate. The sound bar weighs more than 25 pounds, and its strong size makes it intense to haul around.

The framework is flush with inputs including four HDMI ins and an ARC-empowered HDMI out, one Coax and two Optical computerized inputs, infrared in/out, RCA simple information, and a subwoofer out. Volume, source, and power keys lay on the top while a little LCD window sits in advance. The unit likewise incorporates an all out screen menu by means of HDMI.

As you may expect, you’ll get more in the bundle than most customary sound bars, incorporating an irregularity in the sound bar world: a hearty, full-estimate remote (with snappy keys for different sources). Likewise included are an optical link, little mounting stands, and an Intellibeam Mic and cardboard stand which connects to the front of the bar for auto-encompass setup. A HDMI link would have been decent at this cost, in any case, and we were likewise shocked to discover no mounting section in the crate. To mount it, you’ll need to attach a unit like Yamaha’s SPM-K30 ($60-80). What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t mount it, you’ll require some genuine leeway between your credenza/excitement bureau and the base of your TV, else, this sound projector is going to obstruct a decent lump of your screen.

Talking about extra buys, a full true to life experience must be accomplished with the utilization of subwoofer, attaching on no less than a couple of hundred dollars more. For our assessment we utilized Yamaha’s SW-300 ($500), alongside the SWK-W16 remote connector ($150). In the event that you haven’t been following the math, our aggregate framework sits at $2,250 or $2,310 mounted ? excluding links.


Luckily, some of that aggregate purchases you basic setup ? for an Atmos framework, at any rate. For ideal sound, we prescribe interfacing parts to the bar by means of HDMI, then going HDMI into your TV’s ARC info (in the event that you have one). With ARC, you can get sound and video to and from the TV by means of a solitary link. Be that as it may, since you’ll have to physically change yields in the 5600’s settings menu for TV sound, it’s presumably less complex to likewise associate an Optical link from the TV, and simply change the information when watching link or satellite. It ought to be noted here that you can not get Dolby Atmos or DTS:X encompass by means of any link association other than HDMI.

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On account of an on-screen menu, you can rapidly get the sound projector’s shaft drivers designed for your TV room naturally with the sound projector’s Sound Optimizer. The set-up aide gives stroll through guidelines, including ideal furniture course of action, and where to mount the Intellibeam mic. We discovered setting the YSP-5600 32-36 inches over the floor brought about the best virtual encompass sound experience.

Features and design

With amazing valuing comes extraordinary obligation, and for the YSP-5600 that implies highlights in abundance, even past the Dolby Atmos/DTS:X powers. One point we did exclude in the setup is Wi-Fi association, done through a straightforward walkthrough like your TV or gushing gadget. Wi-Fi is truly essential for those using MusicCast, Yamaha’s sprawling remote multi-room sound framework that permits the bar to coordinate with speakers like the WX-30, or the howdy res NX-N500 for a full home sound arrangement. There’s additionally Bluetooth and Airplay remote association accessible.

The framework likewise comes stacked with various DSP presets, for example, Movie or Music, and Yamaha’s attempted and genuine settings like Clear Voice and “Enhancer,” however we didn’t discover much use for those. There are additionally modes for 3D encompass, using the bar’s virtual 7.1.2 Atmos/DTS:X settings, consistent 5.1 encompass, and stereo sound for music playback. 4K video passthrough is additionally included, as is backing for the full keep running of Dolby and DTS codecs.

As said, there are 44 bar drivers stacked into the 5600, including 12 1 ? – inch vertical drivers to skip sound off your roof, and 32 1 ? – inch drivers in advance, fueled by an asserted 88 watts. Moreover are double 4 ? – inch woofers, controlled by an asserted 28 watts.

Performance: The bar at home

In case you’re envisioning 40+ speakers and a sizeable subwoofer upheld by the full may of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signifies colossal sound, you’re right. Truth be told, under perfect circumstances ?, for example, the sneak peak we saw at the DTS:X suite at CES this year ? Yamaha’s animal of a bar can deceive you into accepting you’re genuinely under assault from an entire 7.1.2 encompass setup. Obviously, the main issue there is, for all intents and purposes zero homes are appropriately organized to deliver the YSP-5600’s optimal listening environment.

Yamaha’s proposed setup accompanies pointed particulars: “Introduce the unit in the focal point of the left and right dividers,” “the separation ought to be more than 1.8 meters” and “as a long way from the back divider as could reasonably be expected,” and so forth. The issue is, a large portion of us purchase a sound bar for accommodation and execution, and that more often than not does exclude revising the lounge, purchasing another TV stand, or freeing the room of furniture. Still, notwithstanding trading off a bit can remove some strikingly immersive sound from the framework.


For the initial few days we had the bar at home it was setup where it fit best: before the TV stand, around 2.5-feet off the ground. While that position summoned a terrific mass of deafening sound in advance, virtual encompass never completely took flight, offering minimal more than some additional dispersing along the edges, and some vertical measurement. In any case, jerry-fixing my setup to move the bar up around a foot or so ? therefore evading our sound-sucking sopha ? breathed life into the YSP-5600.

Similarly as with conventional setups, execution lives and bites the dust by the sonic essentialness of the source material. A few movies enroll minimal more than a major mass of sound, with a few whispers behind and around the audience. In any case, ringing splendid blends, for example, Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, flaunts some genuine virtual enchantment. The epic hail scene, in which God downpours down monstrous wads of ice on Pharaoh’s kin, was completely transfixing in the new position. Thunder emitted all around the lounge chair, including at the back, and the wind appeared to cry directly through the front of the family room. At the point when the hail smashed down, it was splendidly depicted in material precious stones tumbling from above. Truth be told, because of the taught exactness of those little pillars, the impact sounded superior to anything some customary tallness speakers.

The shaft outline can likewise be a twofold edged sword, notwithstanding. The bar offers splendid exactness for encompass impacts, and even draws exchange with rich point of interest. Be that as it may, the perfect listening zone is littler than conventional setups, and music is likewise to a lesser extent a rush ride. Sound for music is somewhat light in the mids and somewhat level powerfully, even in stereo mode. As we’ve found with other sound projectors, each one of those little pillar drivers experience considerable difficulties the more full range you’ll get from a pleasant pair of towers or retire speakers. The 5600 positively suffices for music playback ? with assistance from the additional sub ? however you can improve for less with an arrangement of towers, as SVS’ Prime arrangement, and a section level Atmos/DTS:X setup is practically identical in cost, by and large.


At a cost that is significantly more than most solid bar setups ? without all their motivation assembled comfort ? the YSP-5600 sits in a to some degree clumsy position on the sound bar scale. Still, with every one of its provisos, Yamaha has stacked some really splendid sound execution into its enchantment box. In case you’re searching for a particular home sound arrangement without the requirement for each one of those additional wires, speakers, and chaos, the 5600 is a luring approach to pull out all the stops for your home theater. On the off chance that you can get it fixed up right, Yamaha’s YSP-5600 is the least difficult approach to dive into the ear-opening new universe of 3D encompass sound.

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